Black Lantern

Black Lantern

Fortnightly / Friday 2000 - 2200 UK

Founded in 2009 by a collective of musicians from Edinburgh, Scotland – Black Lantern Music is a netlabel. They specialise in releasing hip-hop, electronic and experimental music for free.

Their fortnightly radio show Рhosted by Bram E. Gieben (Texture), Asthmatic Astronaut, Krowne & Morphamish Рcontinues in those sonic footprints.

Think bass music, hip-hop, electro, techno and dark electronics.

Black Lantern / 11.07.2014 / KrowneThis week Krowne flies solo, with a healthy dose of hip-hop + an eclectic mix of electronic treats, techno and bass music for the Black Lantern Music show
Black Lantern / 27.06.2014 / BLM100Black Lantern Music present a special mix featuring tracks from the BLM back cat, in preparation for the release of their massive 50-track comp - BLM100
Black Lantern / 13.06.2014 / Morphamish & KrowneThe Morphamish & Krowne hosted show for Black Lantern Music is back for another instalment
Black Lantern / 30.05.2014 / All Urban Outfield special part 1The Black Lantern Music show turns it's attention to Seattle/Spokane hip-hop crew All Urban Outfield, who just released Sacrifice Fly through their netlabel
Black Lantern / 16.05.2014 / F-N aka MilkovicMorphamish and Krowne host the Black Lantern Music show w. special guest F-N aka Milkovic of long running Edinburgh hard techno + drum n bass night Jakn
Black Lantern / 02.05.2014 / AnticonBringing his deep knowledge of the seminal US hip-hop label Anticon to bear, Asthmatic Astronaut plays a one-hour selection of classic label tracks
Black Lantern / 18.04.2014 / ETC crewBlack Lantern's Morphamish warms up with the ETC crew for their 2nd birthday, where they hosted Dolphin (Deathchant, Planet Mu)
Black Lantern / 04.04.2014Black Lantern Music present 2 hours of alternating deep instrumental music and bleeding-edge experimental hip-hop from Asthmatic Astronaut and Texture.
Black Lantern / 07.03.2014Black Lanterns' Asthmatic Astronaut & Texture go back to back for another all-vinyl special, featuring a specially-curated selection of hip-hop classics.
Black Lantern / 21.02.2014 / Aodh + Filthy RichMorphamish and Krowne welcome Aodh and Filthy Rich into the studio for the Black Lantern show.
Black Lantern / 07.02.2014 / EatersJoining Black Lantern hosts Texture and Asthmatic Astronaut this week - Eaters: one of the first Scottish hip-hop collectives to join their label