Fortnightly / Thursday 1800 - 2000 UK

Welcome to The Landing Zone hosted by Stacie-Anne aka Lander.

Expect a plethora of fresh new sounds and obscure underground classics with guest mixes from musically like minded souls.

With a serious enthusiasm for electronic music, Lander obsessively seeks out new and interesting sounds and styles. She’s always looking for that something special. Her eclectic tastes range from lush house music and dub techno to mind twitching electronica. A fine fit for Future Music FM.

Lander / 03.07.2014 / Elite Force (S. Shackleton)On The Landing Zone this week, Lander welcomes Simon Shackleton (Elite Force, Killer Elite, Dust Bowl, Zodiac Cartel)
Lander / 05.06.2014 / RaimoJoining Lander on her show is London DJ, producer and label boss - Raimo.
Lander / 22.05.2014 / Lucas BarriosThis weeks Landing Zone features a guest mix from Lucas Barrios. It is a perfect peak time mix to compliment Lander's warm up style.
Lander / 24.04.2014On this weeks show Lander kept things summery and breezy. Playing tracks by Nyra, Lakosa, Rick Grant and Smallpeople.
Lander / 13.03.2014 / Dean MuhsinOn the Landing Zone this week, Lander welcomes Dean Muhsin as her guest. His mix, a segment of a recent set he played at Feb's Rise event in London.
Lander / 27.02.2014 / Mr NobodyOn the Landing Zone this week, a guest mix from Mr Nobody with Lander selecting some of her recent faves including STL and Dorisburg.
Lander / 13.02.2014 / KraymonLander presents The Landing Zone, this week she welcomes a guest mix from Kraymon
Lander / 03.01.2014 / Alan ChapmanFM's Alan Chapman guests on Lander's The Landing Zone with a deeper tech mix than he's known for.
Lander / 16.01.2014 / Canola Tenderfoot (Slime Rec.)Lander presents a Slime Recordings special; playing her favourite Slime tracks with an exclusive session from Slime artist Canola Tenderfoot.
Lander / 02.01.2014Easing you into 2014 with a mellow sub 123bpm show it's Lander and The Landing Zone.
warpedweirdo presents NYE 2013We saw in the new year we at FutureMusicFM with a special extended broadcast. Warpedweirdo hosted, presenting 13 guest mixes from our DJs and show hosts.