Fortnightly / Saturday 2200 - 0000 UK

Witness Supersymmetries with Bunny of the Aural Sects netlabel.

A purpose-built sonic vehicle for exploring the New Weird edge of the audio-based arms of the internet. With your host, Bunny, as guide and mentor, each week the show will be looking into a range of new genres, and music so new it doesn’t even have a genre yet. From the “classic” esoteric net-based sounds of witch house, to the newly-solidified organism we call vaporwave, to all manners of mutant outlier electronic projects, the show will showcase, theorise, connect, reconnect, parse, and actively form the future of music.

They say modern music is haunted by its past, and so the future of music is also haunted by the past and the present. To do a sort of Gibson-esque Pattern-Recognition-seeing-into-the-future-thing, we have to accurately take stock of what’s on the rise, the weird and disparate trends of the very here and now, at the forefront of informational sharing. We have to explore the New Weird.

Regular features include: netlabel features, the New Weird Pattern Recognition, and occasional guest mixes and interviews from and with other fellow audionauts.

Supersymmetries / 02.08.2014 / Lyle HorowitzSupersymmetries welcomes bizarro leftfield hip-hop beatsmith Lyle Horowitz in for a guest mix
Supersymmetries / 19.07.2014Supersymmetries host Bunny starts off slow, goes a fuckton loads faster, and then closes with a moody ambient finish.
Supersymmetries / 05.07.2014Supersymmetries' Bunny delves into the current wash of leftfield electronic pop, with detours into beautiful noise, rave-ready beats and bizarro remixes
Supersymmetries / 21.06.2014Supersymmetries this week sees Bunny the Explorer sees on a sonic safari through the Audial Serengeti
Supersymmetries / 07.06.2014Bunny's Supersymmetries takes us through a survey of leftfield electronic pop, new strains of cyberpunk-flavoured grime + effervescent beats
Supersymmetries / 24.05.2014Supersymmetries was intercepted by a signal purporting to be from the future overlooking the current state of grime + suspiciously apocalypse-themed support
Supersymmetries / 10.05.2014 / TextureSupersymmetries host Bunny's computer exploded, so Black Lantern Music's Texture stepped up with some hip-hop, electro, witch house, experimental doom
Supersymmetries / 26.04.2014Supersymmetries sees host Bunny digging even further into the backwaters of the internet to bring you beats that are at once both ancient + brand new
Supersymmetries – 12/04/2014Supersymmetries sees host Bunny digging even further into the backwaters of the internet to bring you beats that are both ancient and brand spanking new
Supersymmetries – 15/02/2014 – ft. Bigo and TwigettiSupersymmetries host Bunny presents a label showcase of London's experimental electronic and neoclassical label - Bigo and Twigetti.
Supersymmetries – 01/02/2014 – ft. a place both wonderful and strangeIn the mix and interview this week for Supersymmetries is New York's Russ Marshalek of 'a place both wonderful and strange' w. Lucy Swope (Ghost Cop)